Why is broadband limited in rural areas?

Lack of high-speed internet in rural areas is not an easy problem to solve. Largely, the cause is due to the lack of population density. Providing high-speed internet in rural areas is a challenge due to the high infrastructure cost of running lines to just a few homes or businesses over many miles. The lower than average take rates in these areas make most providers’ business models financially unfeasible in less populous communities. In most cases, expanding broadband access outside of metropolitan areas is going to require one or all of the following:  government/public funding, private investment and multiple organizations working together.


Georgia EMCs support rural broadband

Tackling big problems is nothing new for EMCs – in fact, the very reason we exist is to provide electricity where it wasn’t available throughout rural Georgia more than 80 years ago.

Today, EMCs work diligently to help attract companies to Georgia and ensure their EMC members and communities prosper. Expanding access to reliable high-speed internet is critical and is one of the most important factors in the future success of our rural economies. That’s why throughout the state, EMCs have been actively working to help resolve the high-speed internet issue.

  • 6 EMCs have created affiliates and have built/are building the necessary infrastructure to provide broadband service to their members.
  • 6 EMCs have partnered with an internet service provider to expand broadband access to all service locations with their territory.
  • 8 EMCs have partnered with an internet service provider to expand retail broadband service to portions of their service area.

All of Georgia’s electric cooperatives continue to explore and evaluate possibilities and partnerships in their service areas and welcome the opportunity to work with any community partners to make the long-held dream of high-speed internet for all Georgians a reality.

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